Coming soon….Continued Professional Development

We have temporarily uploaded some taster videos to provide you with an example of the breadth and depth of education material that will be available

We aim to provide reliable information, which is evidence based information where possible, to educate patients on how best to cope and manage their chronic Orofacial pain. In addition we aim to highlight the issue of Orofacial pain and provide better education for clinicians both qualified and in training. The CPD will be set up in accordance with GD guidelines (see below and attached GDC document) and you will be provided with aims and objectives before the session and

Verifiable CPD

Verifiable CPD is activity that meets our definition of CPD and for which there is documentary evidence that you have undertaken the CPD and that the CPD has:

  • in concise educational aims and objectives
  • in clear anticipated outcomes
  • in quality controls.

This is set out in law.

You must keep documentary evidence of all the verifiable CPD that you have done. This means you must have written information from the provider confirming that you have undertaken the CPD.

Thus in respect of these guidelines you will be provided with a CPD certificate after registering

All our future publications will be linked for CPD to this site. We will have a topic with a presented lecture and subsequent question section to which you can submit your answers get simple feedback and gain continued professional development recognition in the form of a certificate that you can print out (see example).

It is the aim that this will become a preferred site for you to gain simple and clear guidance for oral surgery, nerve injury and pain topics. With separate clinician and patient chat rooms interactions is encouraged, in addition I will be providing a regular blog!

Without your participation and feedback we cant make this interesting and fun. With your involvement we aim to have an evolving useful website for your delectation!

Please feedback any comments, enquiries or requests for new content.

We look forward to hearing from you.