Data Collection for Patients

We are working an a webapp that will assist you in finding out what type of diagnosis you may have and potentially where to get expert help in your region. This will involve collecting anonimysed data from you including:

  • demographics (age, gender etc)
  • pain history
  • medical history
  • dental history
  • pain history
  • psychological profiling

This is an exciting development and we appreciate your support with this project.

When this information is provided to us electronically to us, it is totally secure (via Smart and allows us to more easily assess referrals and outcomes to treatments. It will provide us with an opportunity to develop a database that will support research and improvement in care.

Read more about what we will do with your data and general advice to patients who are referred to the Orofacial Pain Service at Kings College Hospital.

Depending upon which specialty sees you and where will often dictate what data is collected and the preferred questionnaires.

As pain is so complex, a variety of questionnaires are used to try to understand all aspect of pain and is integral in the process to diagnose and manage your pain. We use a broad assessment of our patients at Kings College Hospital using IMPARTS ( which integrates mental and physical health care. Before your appointment with us you will be sent a link or complete our questionnaire in a tablet in the waiting room. We assess anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality traits, pain features, prior abuse and neglect, sleep disorders and obstructive sleep apnoea (snoring). This holistic approach significantly helps in treating the patient in pain.