The Orofacial pain project is run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers from mixed backgrounds (see team).

We will use funding we receive to run public education campaigns particularly in the management of chronic orofacial pain.

The general public are invited to support our work. Click on the button below to donate to the Trigeminal Foundation (reg. UK Charity 1147817).

What will the funds support?

Your support will pay towards;

  • Setting up patient groups and supporting their meetings
  • Research projects will also be supported where possible
  • Patients days
  • Website support and development

About us

  • We are a non-profit organisation
  • We welcome small or large donations to support our work
  • if you are a visitor, patient or clinician, to the site and you have found the information that we have provided helpful please donate to us
  • if you are an institution who would like to link to our site please email us 
  • If you are a lawyer or other professional using the site for information for reports or other work please donate and support the continued development of the site
  • Those interested in training please email us
  • Those interested in research participation or collaboration, we have plenty of projects ongoing, do contact us

All finances raised will go to registered company Trigeminal Nerve Ltd

Specialists medical practice activities

Registered Office:
NW11 0PU

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