Learning from patients wounds – minimising and managing nerve injuries in relation to dentistry

Professor Tara Renton


Length: 50mins


This lecture will update participants in the prevention of trigeminal nerve injuries during restorative dental treatment


  • The following will be discussed:
  • The patient’s perspective;
  • Diagnosis of trigeminal nerve injury;
  • The challenges presented in the management of nerve injuries;
  • An overview of minimising risk with particular reference to specific procedures;
  • The outcome of nerve injuries.


  • By the end of the lecture participants will:
  • Be familiar with recognising and minimising risk to the trigeminal nerve when undertaking dental procedures;
  • Understand the importance of preventing nerve injuries and the impact on those patients affected;
  • Understand how to improve patient consent;
  • Be able to develop a better strategy for assessing and identifying patients at high risk;
  • Know When to refer or treat.