Predictors for Chronic Pain


Are there predictors for the outcome of painful post traumatic trigeminal neuropathy?


  • The trigeminal system
  • Definitions
  • Painful Post traumatic trigeminal neuropathy (PPTTN)
  • Mechanisms
  • Assessment
  • Presentation- The patient’s story

Predictors for;

  • Risk of nerve injury
  • Resolution of sensory neuropathic pain (or CPSP)
  • Persistence of sensory neuropathic pain (or CPSP)
  • Chronic post-surgical pain / PPTTN response to treatment

Learning objectives

  • To be familiar with the several limitations of predictors for outcome of sensory nerve injury
  • To recognise that the premise for outcomes maybe flawed.
  • To accept that the evidence for predictors for the outcome for PPTTN has limited evidence base
  • To identify the required research (and structure) to address this lack of evidence base

Lecture length: 1 hour